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Why Fly Pesters CowRead by: Okezie Morro

Okezie Morro (The Mist, Netflix) narrates Why Fly Pesters Cow. This traditional African Folktale is based on an adaptation by Jaco Jacobs. It also features stunning animation by Señorita Spider (Julia Giordano Devoto & Zoe Catsaras).

The story tells the tale of the Cow, who was a less than gracious host to the Fly during the Queen’s banquet. When Fly complains to the Queen what does she decide the fate of Cow & Fly will be?

Tata Storytime Folktales is a spin off to our main show where fantastic actors combine live narration with animation. With adapted Folk stories (also known as fables or fairytales) from Africa & the Caribbean helping your children learn moral tales in a fun & exciting way.

Aimed at Pre-school to 8 year olds, it’s unique mix of live reading and animation. Perfect for entertaining & educating your toddler & your older child.

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