Watch beautiful picture books celebrating black culture, read by award winning actors.

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Online childrens stories for families, teachers, and kids to have fun whilst learning. Watch stories from award winning black children’s authours.

Unique Storytelling

Tàta Storytime offers a unique way to enjoy storytelling in early years through videos for children. Stories with black characters read by award-winning actors that enables literacy, inspires imagination, and connects communities.

Tàta Storytime was created
by Actor/ Producer Okezie Morro.

“As a father of an infant child, I would look for content to stimulate my daughter; so my wife and I filled the house with picture books for children. I had come across the odd TV show for kids that would have a performer reading children’s books to children, but after a while I was disappointed at the lack of books that had lead characters that look like my daughter and also the lack of books about black culture.

So I decided to create a children’s TV show where children would get fantastic actors reading bedtime stories; but most importantly those books project forward the voices of Black authors; and the lead characters also represent the same background. It’s really important that children can see themselves reflected on the page and on the screen as they begin to develop and navigate the world.

Our aim is to use educational stories for kids to entertain children all over the world and redress some imbalances in children’s TV programming. I think we’ve created a beautiful show which parents & all children will love.”

Okezie Morro
Founder & Creator

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