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‘You have reached the max allowed devices for your membership’ Error Message

Tata Storytime Memberships have a limit on how many devices they can be viewed on. Standard Memberships are allowed up to 3 devices. Educational Institutions are allowed up to 10. To reset the devices you have in use, click here to access your account page and scroll down below your account information.

Can I watch the stories on the TV

Yes, you are able to watch our stories on your home TV if you have the Google chrome browser on your device or if you have an ios device with the Airplay function.

Open the Chrome browser on your laptop. Add the Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store. Visit any website in Chrome. Click the Cast to TV button in the Episode browser and select your TV.

For Airplay

On the Episode player, there is an TV symbol on the bottom right. Click on there and if your TV is connected to your WIFI network it should pop up. Select the TV or device you want and Airplay should now be connected. Then sit back and enjoy!

Can my child browse this website without my presence?

Although this is 100% your choice, our website is child friendly – meaning that your children are able to click on whatever Tàta Storytime episode their hearts’ desire. Each episode will teach your child a valuable lesson. Why not quiz them on what they’ve learnt?

I’ve forgotten my password, how do i reset it?

To reset your password please open up the Tàta Storytime log in page. Once on the page you should see a link which reads ‘Lost your password?’, click this link and insert the email that you had previously used to create your account and select ‘Reset Password’. Once completed you should receive a ‘reset your password’ email. Please follow the steps provided.

How can I receive a discount?

We are currently giving our early bird subscribers 15% off when you sign up before our launch (5th September 2022). If you’re interested subscribe now, we’d hate for you to miss out!

What will my child learn from subscribing to Tàta Storytime?

Tàta Storytime pushes inclusivity, acceptance and positive, black representation. We strive to elevate and encourage our black community by reflecting our diverse culture and showing our support for those doing the same. We believe that allowing our children to grow up seeing themselves represented throughout the world will help their confidence to grow.

Who is Tàta Storytime suitable for?

People of all ages, genders and backgrounds are able to tune in and learn something valuable from Tàta Storytime, in fact we encourage this.

Do you have any social media?

Yes, you can find us at @tatastorytime on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.

How can I spread the word?

We’re glad that you asked! Telling friends and family, maybe even showing them an episode or 2 could help spread the word about Tàta Storytime. You could also let schools know what your children are learning and the benefits it could have once it is taught in the classrooms.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’re sorry to see you go. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make you stay by giving us contacting us on

If you would still like to cancel click here to access your account page and scroll down below your account information and click the ‘cancel’ button.

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